What Are Your Pets’ Names And Why?

This is not a password scam, we swear. One Reddit poster asked the community What is your pet’s name and why did you name it them? Here are Media Jacker’s top pathetic pet picks.

1. APurrSun

This question is a scam attempting to get all our passwords.
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2. harrywilko

I got my niece two goldfish for her birthday, they’re called Lawrence Fishburne and The Real Swim Shady.
She didn’t recognise my genius so instead opted to call them ‘mummy fish’ and ‘daddy fish’.
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3. LemurianLemurLad

I’ve got two snakes, one a ball python named Salazar Slithering and the other is a milk snake named William Snakespeare. Both are got their names because I love horrible puns and snakes are far too stupid to know that they have silly names.
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4. Rojosapien

Dogs name is Bilbo Waggins because we found him as a stray on an adventure! My girlfriend and I are also punny people.
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5. jajwhite

When I was a kid, a friend of mine got a small black mongrel puppy. The same day, one of her brothers fell off a wall and broke his arm, and everyone had to be driven to hospital to have it set. Somehow, at hospital, the dog got out of the car and vanished. Cue hysterics and tears from all the kids, particularly my friend who was about 5 years old. To distract them, someone suggested they read out the signs they could see, but read the words backwards, which made everyone laugh, trying to pronounce “Ycnegreme” for “Emergency” and so forth. My friend, being 5, couldn’t manage the bigger words, but after a while saw a sign she could cope with, over the trash store, and triumphantly shouted “Snib”. Out of nowhere, the dog came running to her, and was called Snib thereafter.
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6. Havok4

My cat Mars. After the god of war, the planet or the candy bar – depending on his mood.
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7. MrYamaguchi

Mojo. I was watching Austin Powers earlier the day I got him.
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8. Bunny-

Brad, so I could say “I’m hanging out with Brad tonight” and people would assume I had a life outside of my cat.

9. rymdsyIt

Two cats, optimus prime, because he’s fucking badass. And ajax, because naming a cat ‘javascript’ was ‘a real name’ according to my ex.
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10. Grurul

Luke and Leia, because they’re brother and sister and I knew he’d try to bone her when he got old enough. Oh, and I like Star Wars.
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