The WORST advice you can give somebody that almost sounds true!

Have you ever tried comforting somebody with some sound advice but stretched the truth, just a little? Well, you’re certainly not alone. The reddit community have shared their worst and most unusual advice that they have received which almost sounded true!

1. edencamps
If you suck on a penny before you take a breathalyzer test, it’ll read 0.0.
I have literally had maybe 10-15 people tell me this urban myth. Proven inaccurate. And I’m pretty sure if a cop sees you sucking and spitting out pennies, they are going to think you’re pretty drunk.


2. Mugiwara01
If you research drugs before you use them and read all the stories about bad trips it will stay in your head while you take the drug, causing you to have a bad trip, so you should never research a drug before using it.

3. IAmFern
If toast gets stuck in your toaster, you can safely get it out with a fork as long as you are grounded.

4. hayabusabjj
Inflammable is the opposite of flammable.

5. King-of-Ooo
If your car is about to get towed, get in it. The tow trucks will be forced to stop in order to avoid kidnapping charges.

6. RightOnWhaleShark
Cats only bite and scratch to see if you really love them. So never stop petting your cat, or he’ll feel betrayed and hate you.