Objects You Would Punch If They Were People

Inanimate objects. They are there to serve you and help you with your day to day life, right? Wrong! While *technically*, it’s not possible for an item to hate you, we here at MediaJacker understand the struggle of having one as a nemesis, and we took a look at the Internets offending objects.

1. zeirodeadlock

A watch. There is a watch in my room that I lost, the beeps at like 12 in the night. I can’t find it for the life of me. Its driving me insane..

2. sesirpruson

Door handles at waist height. I swear they reach out and grab my belt loops on purpose. Fuck them.


3. trixrtrit



4. Diregroves

Charger wires. Wires in general even.
Fuck you. Always getting tangled like a motherfucker.


5. skeletontoucher

Toilet bowls that make my wiener touch under the seat when I poop.


6. Totesmahlotes

My kids Lego pieces on the God damn stairs at night. The modern day landmine.


7. zagadka-1

Cling film. Fuck you cling film you sticky rippy bastard..


And finally, one we can all relate to 

8. Tetleysteabags

My mobile phone. It’s got it’s claws stuck deep in me and won’t let go.
Let me go mobile phone! I just want to enjoy life without having to check you every 5 minutes!