Firefighters Take Selfie as Fire Kills 17 And Injures 55

There’s doing your job badly and then there’s not giving a crap. Many of us occasionally take the mickey out of our bosses by turning up late or turning up hungover, but all of that pales into insignificance when you hear this.

Ilya Bykov and Rostislav Krylov, two firefighters from Russia, have taken it to a new, despicable low.

Called to a fire in Kazan in central Russia, which killed 17 people and seriously injured a further 55, they stopped to take a selfie (YES A SELFIE) before uploading it to VKontakte, Russia’s equivalent to social media giant Facebook.

If you can bear looking at it, and yes it’s that bad, take a look below.

Firemen Called To Shopping Mall Inferno Took Selfies As Shoppers

Both Bykov and Krylov are under investigation from local authorities and are almost certain to face the sack. If they don’t it might be one of the biggest jokes ever.

The fire spread from a coffee shop to an entire shopping centre. After being called to the scene, Bykov and Krylov took the picture and uploaded it.

A Regional Emergency Situations Department spokesperson said that if their actions put lives at risk, then both employees will be fired and criminal proceedings will follow. They added, “These two are not characteristic of those who work hard every day, tirelessly saving lives.”

As you can imagine, the heat they received from fellow VKontakte users was vociferous, with many threatening the Kazan natives for such a horrendous act of negligence.

Svetlana Kapustina, wrote, “It makes me sick to think that while those poor people were burning to death these two were treating it as some sort of joke. Shame on them.”

While the world continues to be amazed and disgusted in equal measure, things are looking a bit brighter for a runt piglet who has been adopted by…………. A German Shepherd.

See the pictures below in one of the cutest things you’ll see this year. Hopefully Bykov and Kylov can take some inspiration from them.